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Consultancy Fees


Many small/medium businesses still cannot see the value in spending their hard earned profits on health and safety. However one small accident can result in a claim costing many times our modest fees.

Consider –

  •          Cover for staff absence
  •          A loss in productivity and/or work efficiency
  •          Extra recruitment and re-training costs
  •          Insurance, compensation and legal fees
  •          Potential damage to your reputation

All of the above are avoidable.

The most common question asked during an initial phone call is, “how much will it cost”.

The only answer is – how long is a piece of string?

Every client is different. They have different needs or requirements; they work in different industries and work locations etc, so it is not possible to give a generalized cost. We have clients whose fees have ranged differently for writing some documents and for acting as an ‘in house’ HS Manager, and everything is unique.

We meet every potential client to ascertain their needs and how much input they need from us, and then we calculate a fee based on that information.

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