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Direct Hire


As industrial recruiters, we’re trained to source, recruit and evaluate high quality candidates.

Our focus is our client, and our business is isolating the strongest professionals for you, the client.

We are recruiters, not ad placers. Running an ad attracts “lookers,” not necessarily talent. Our goal is to recruit proven performers who are positioned for progression.

A recruited candidate not only reduces employer training time and associated costs, but also reduces employee turnover. Our thorough reference checks allow us to assess the candidate’s ability to make a transition to a new company or a similar role. We’ll protect your corporate interests and contribute to your organization’s success through professional staffing development.

Our fees are on a contingency basis and are payable if, and only if, you engage the services of a candidate that has been referred to you directly or indirectly through our efforts. The fee is payable should you, your company, or any affiliates or subsidiaries engage a candidate for any position within one year after our most recent communication relative to such candidate.

Guarantee: if the candidate leaves the job for unjust causes or is terminated for just causes within 90 days from the start date then we will replace the candidate at no additional charge.


1. Our service fee has been received in full within 10 business days from the date of offer acceptance or the first day of the employee’s employment whichever comes first.

2. Dismissal has not occurred as a result of a material change of the qualifications required for the position, or

3. Dismissal due to reduction in workforce or position discontinuance by employer.

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