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At Safety Solutions And Recruitment Services our team of qualified professionals work with your business to ensure that health and safety of all workers takes priority.  Our safety consultants offer a variety of safety services which will ensure your workplace meets compliance of government legislation and regulations.  Safety is an integral part of every workplace.  Safety Solutions is committed to working with every employer and worker to provide adequate safety training solutions specific to all workplace parties.  Our team strives in promoting safety in both industrial and construction workplaces throughout Canada.  Together we can make a difference in “SAFETY” in your workplace.

What We Offer:

Internal Responsibility System (IRS)

The Internal Responsibility System also known as the IRS, is a system in which every individual is responsible for health and safety in the workplace. It can be thought of as your organizational chart in relation to health and safety. A clear set of expectations, guideline and responsibilities should be identified, outlined and implemented at all levels of a company’s organizational structure for the promotion of health and safety in every workplace. Accountability and responsibilities are built right into the organizational structure. The people in this hierarchical structure interact with each other to identify and solve health and safety problems and seek opportunities to improve the processes they are involved specific to their workplace. Everyone at all levels of the hierarchy structure must take an initiative in relation to fostering and promoting health and safety in their workplace. As well, everyone is obligated to report unresolved concerns upward and to respond properly to the unresolved concerns of others in relation to health and safety concerns. Identifying and resolving health and safety concerns of any worker is an integral part of a proper functioning Internal Responsibility System.

The Internal Responsibility System states that every individual in a workplace is essentially responsible for health and safety. Every worker, supervisor, manager, constructor, employer and director of an organization or workplace shall have specific responsibilities within their roles to maintain and ensure a safe workplace. All workplace parties must believe that safety is a number one priority for the IRS to be successful.

It sounds simple and is simple as long as all parties believe and work together to achieve “SAFETY”.
A properly functioning Internal Responsibility System holds “EVERYONE” accountable for workplace safety. While many organizations state that “Safety is everyone’s job”, very few organizations have a proper well-functioning IRS. Those that do, however, tend to be the best performers in health and safety. The Internal Responsibility System must become an integral part of the way an organization and or workplace does business daily. Safety must always be a priority and in the forefront for everyone.

Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services takes great pride working with our clients and workers in establishing, promoting and educating all workplace parties in the importance of achieving a properly functioning Internal Responsibility System. Providing proper safety training and education to all workplace parties is only one key element in ensuring the IRS is truly functioning.

Our team of professionals work diligently with our clients’ health and safety team in developing specific health and safety training modules, workplace safety audits, and education platforms specific to our clients’ health and safety objectives. We ensure that compliance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and prescribed regulations are met and that the Internal Responsibility System functions effectively specific to each clients’ business model.

Let Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services work with you in establishing an effective Internal Responsibility System specific for your workplace and your workers.

Workplace Safety Audits and Monthly Inspection Programs

We at Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services develop and implement specific and specialized workplace safety audit systems and inspection programs designed specifically for each clients’ unique business model. Our team of trained professionals will perform a workplace safety audit inspection which will meet and exceed the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and prescribed regulations. We understand “Safety” costs money. Each client of ours’ has specific needs and requirements to make their business economically prosperous. At the same time we work with our clients to provide an effective health and safety program and audit system specific to their business model in a cost effective manner.

Working with our clients and their workplace parties we develop and implement specific workplace safety inspection programs that will ensure compliance of government regulations and prevent workplace injuries. We recognize that every workplace has specific workplace hazards that are unique in their own way. Each worker performs tasks which require specific health and safety requirements to ensure that the health and safety of the worker and the employer are protected.

Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services understands the importance of identifying physical workplace hazards. A variety of physical hazards may be present in any workplace and hazards may change at any given moment. Identifying and rectifying potential physical hazards in all workplaces are key components of a successful health and safety program. Our team of safety professionals will develop in partnership with our clients’ specific inspection checklist that will allow workers to identify and rectify workplace hazards. Our safety inspection program will focus on our clients’ specific business model and activities of workers. All components of the safety inspection will ensure that compliance of government regulations are adhered to and that the health and safety of workers is protected.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act it is a requirement that a safety workplace inspection be conducted on a monthly basis. Understanding and identifying potential workplace hazards is a key element in performing a thorough and diligent workplace safety audit or inspection. Properly performed workplace safety audits or inspections conducted by a competent worker on a routine basis have proven to help identify workplace hazards and prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Through critical examination by workplace parties whether it being members of the Joint Health Safety Committee, Health and Safety Representative and or a competent worker, workplace inspections identify and record hazards information in turn providing a corrective action plan to protect the health and safety of all workers. Routine workplace inspections and or audits are an important and integral part of the overall occupational health and safety program and functioning Internal Responsibility System.

Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services recognizes that most workplace injuries occur as a result due to unsafe behaviours or lack of training rather than unsafe workplace conditions. Our safety inspection audits focus both on workplace safety training programs and workers behaviours when performing job specific tasks. Our audits help analyze employee behaviours and recognize preventative measures that may be implemented to promote health and safety of workers. Our auditors walk through the workplace focusing and identifying possible safety risk factors associated with specific jobs and tasks being performed by workers. Our audit system will review safety programs, policies and procedures to ensure that workers health and safety is protected. If safety programs, policies and procedures are not adequate Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services will work with the client in establishing, developing and implementing a new revised health and safety program adequate to our clients’ needs but at the same time ensuring that the health and safety of workers is protected.

Let Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services work with you in establishing a quality health and safety audit system and inspection program specific to your workplace and your workers.

Compliance of Government Legislation and Regulations – OHSA

Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services is committed to assisting clients in a variety of workplace sectors in ensuring that compliance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and prescribed regulations are adhered to. Our team works in partnership with our perspective clients in ensuring that the health and safety of all workers are protected.

Sector Specific:
-Industrial Establishments
-Health Care
-Construction Projects

One of the main purposes of the Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job. The Act sets out duties for all workplace parties and rights for workers. It establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards and provides for enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily.

We at Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services provide a variety of services that not only promote health and safety but ensure that adequate training is provided to all workplace parties in understanding the duties and responsibilities as outlined by the Act and applicable regulations.

An employer must take every reasonable precaution to protect the health and safety of workers. Through our extensive knowledge, training programs, workplace inspections and additional safety tools we provide all our clients peace of mind by ensuring that their workplace and the health and safety of workers are protected.
Our objective is to ensure that 100% compliance of the Act and regulations is achieved and maintained in relation to health and safety at every workplace.

Health and Safety Programs

Safety Solutions and Recruitment Services provides specific health and safety training for workers and employers designed specifically for each clients’ unique business model. We offer up to date safety training packages which will ensure that your workers understand how to perform work in a safe and efficient manner. Let us tailor your health and safety programs so you may focus on your business objectives.


-Occupational Health and Safety Act Training and Regulations
-Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
-WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)
-Identifying Workplace Hazards
-Performing Workplace Inspections
-Rigging and Hoisting
-Material Handling Equipment Training
-Fall Protection Training
-Prevention of Workplace Injuries
-First Aid and CPR
-Scaffold Training
-Ladder Safety
-Personal Protective Equipment Training
-Confined Space Training
-Elevated Work Platform Training
-Lock and Tag Out Training
-Basics of Supervision

Case Study

How many times have we all heard these words?

“…I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing this for years”; or “I’ve always done it this way”;and the worst of all – “I’ll just…”

But in the time it can take to click away from this page you can have a LIFE CHANGING event at work.

But, I hear you say, “I can’t afford/haven’t got time to do health and safety, I’ve got a business to run…” Many people still see ‘health and safety’ as nothing more than an obstacle to work or play, to slow things down and to get in the way…

This is simply not true.

Health and Safety is NOT about stopping you or your people from working. It IS about making sure your employees are working safely – which is NOT NECESSARILY the way they have always done it.

In other words, 
fewer accidents means less downtime
= more productivity
= more profits

With our help and expertise you can ensure the continued Health, Safety and general well-being of your all your employees, while you carry on with the important thing – running your business and making a profit.

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