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Temp to Hire


Use the SSRS Temporary-to-Direct Hire program to add to your current workforce. Our priority is to locate candidates that offer the skill, experience, and work ethic your team needs.

Skip the advertising, screening, training, and cost of an initial benefit package and use our program to evaluate a candidate before extending an offer.

The result: You avoid the hassle and expense of correcting a hiring mistake.

Our Temporary-to-Direct Hire program runs for 13 weeks or 520 completed hours of work, whichever occurs first. On completion, we offer a Temporary-to-Direct Hire transfer free of charge, so the candidate can become a part of your company’s payroll without any additional cost.

Everyone wins. You’ve got a proven performer, our candidate has a great new job, and SSRS Safety Recruiting Inc. has developed professional relationship based on trust and integrity.

At SSRS, we’ll focus on what we can do to help you reach your objectives, today and tomorrow.

Our bill rates include all statutory Government remittances such as C.P.P., E.I., W.S.I.B. and E.H.T. Premiums and Vacation Pay. Should unexpected or unannounced Federal or Provincial Government remittances be imposed on SSRS Safety Recruiting Inc., the above rates may be subject to change to offset such increases.


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